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The smart world is to enhance everyday things with intelligence so that many tasks and processes can be simple, safe and enjoyable. The physical space where people interact like home and workplace can become more efficient. It consists of numerous "smart things" that can be endowed with different levels of intelligence, and may be context-aware, active, interactive, reactive, proactive, assistive, adaptive, automated, sentient, perceptual, cognitive, autonomic and/or thinking. Research on smart world is an emerging research field covering many areas. A series of challenge issues exist to move from the current level of computing services to the smart world of adaptive and intelligent services.
The IEEE Smart World Congress (SmartWorld 2016) aims at promoting original and unpublished research works covering science, technologies, applications and related categories on smart world. It provides a high-profile, leading-edge forum for researchers and engineers to exchange on advances and innovations on smart world. In particular, the following topics are considered.


  • Smart Sensors, Smart Devices and Interactions
    Smart chips, tags, sensors, devices, wearables, goods, appliances, materials, textiles, IoT, etc.
    Smart software, Machine to Machine, OS, programming, tools, interfaces, power/energy, reliability, etc.

  • Smart Sensors Networks, Smart Systems and Services
    Smart sensor networks, personal/body networks and systems, design, process management, diagnostic, optimal control.
    Programming models, distributed computing, distributed intelligence, emergent properties, embedded intelligence.
    Smart services, context-aware systems, smart clouds, smart big data processing, etc.
  • Smart Environments and Applications
    Smart home, office, building, shop, campus, factory, farm, city, urban computing, etc.
    Smart healthcare, transportation, robotics, energy consumption, environment protection, etc.
  • Personalization and Social Aspects
    Mobile social computing, crowd sensing, human modeling and mining, etc.
    Personalized recommendations, security, privacy, safety, affect and legal issues.

  • Smart World Education
    Teaching smart world, demos, smart campus, academic and industrial projects. 


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