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The conferences IEEE SmartWorld 2016, IEEE UIC 2016, IEEE ATC 2016, IEEE ScalCom 2016, IEEE CBDCom 2016, IEEE IoP 2016 and their Workshops will be held at the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse that is part of the University of Toulouse France. Download map


Room accomodations at the University for Ph.D. students

Students Accomodations will be in Tripod A close to building U4 where the Conferences and Workshops will take place (see Map below; access via Subway Line B, exit at station Université Paul Sabatier).

In order to collect room keys as well as bedding  kits and Internet passwords students must present an ID at the reception of Tripod A (July 17). Somebody will be there during day and night.

Please, note that students must bring their own toiletries.

Please, note also that there is no WiFi in the room, thus students must bring  a RJ45 cable in order to access Internet.

Checking out must take place on July 21 between 8:30 and 12:30 AM: In particular key must be droped at the lodge of Tripod A (bedding kits must remain in the rooms).



No more rooms available for Ph.D. students at the University Paul Sabatier.

You can, fill the following form for room reservation in Hotels:

Hotel Reservation form

Social Activities

A visit to the assembly line of Airbus Industry (A380) will be organized.

In the very heart of Southwest France, visit the pink city which is rich of the History of the Counts of Toulouse. Make a stop by the river Garonne and Canal du Midi. Don't forget to taste Southwest coocking and try to spot huges Airbus planes a few feets above the flag of Occitanie. Enjoy your stay in Toulouse! Download guide So Toulouse, download guide 2.

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link to the presentation of Toulouse (So Toulouse movie).



Another tour of Toulouse.

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